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Four Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

  • Step 1

    Simply complete the online form to see if you're eligible for an IVA

  • Step 2

    One of our trained and friendly advisors will contact you and talk you through the application process

  • Step 3

    We will talk to your lenders and make the necessary arrangements for your IVA

  • Step 4

    Following the final payment, the remainder of your unsecured debt is legally written off

  • See if you are eligible for an IVA

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  • How can applying for an IVA help with your debts?

    Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA’s) were introduced by the Government in the 1986 Insolvency Act as an alternative to bankruptcy. An IVA is a formal agreement between you and your creditors that is designed to help you manage your debts.

    A licensed Insolvency Practitioner will negotiate with your creditors and agree what you can realistically afford to repay. An IVA will usually last for five or six years, during which time you will pay an agreed, lower amount every month which is split between your creditors and your remaining unsecured debt will be written off - this can be as much as 80%* of your debts.

    *On average customers may have between 25% to 80% of debt written off with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

  • The benefits of an IVA are:

    • Avoid bankruptcy
    • Become debt free in 5 years
    • Reduce your monthly payments
    • Write off debts
    • Reduce creditor phone calls and letters
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    It's quick and easy

For more help and advice, visit the buy antabuse canada, an independent service set up to help people manage their money. Or find out more about the different options for paying off your debt buy antabuse uk. IVAs are only available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Real People, Real Examples

Debbie was in a great deal of debt after going through a difficult divorce with three children and falling behind with her loan and credit card payments. Here is a snapshot of Debbie’s situation and how we helped her.

Advice you can trust

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Here is a snapshot of Debbie’s situation and how IVA Practice helped her

  • Total unsecured debt£34,293

    Debbie owed £34,293 to 7 different lenders, including credit cards, catalogues and a payday loan.

  • Total creditors 7

    Debbie owed £34,293 to 7 different lenders, including credit cards, catalogues and a payday loan.

  • Was paying £520 Now paying £281

    The minimum payments to Debbie's lenders totalled £520. Following a review of her income and expenditure her lenders agreed to a lower monthly IVA payment of £281.

  • Debt written off £17,433

    Over a 5 year period, Debbie pays what she can afford. Following completion of the IVA, £17,433 of her debt is legally written off.

Advice you can trust

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*Figures based on an actual customer who was recommended an IVA. IVAs are subject to eligibility and acceptance. Credit rating may be affected. Fees Payable if ongoing services are provided.

Debts we can help you with

  • Unsecured Loans
  • Store Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Payday Loans

Do the types of debt above sound familiar? See if you qualify for an IVA!

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Key facts about an IVA

Advice you can trust

  • Get your interest and charges frozen
  • Write off up to 80% of your debt*
  • Lower your monthly payments
  • The Application Process

    Our experienced advisors will look at your financial situation with you and work out, based on your monthly income, what you can realistically afford to pay towards an IVA.

    A proposal will then be prepared for your lenders. This will include:

    • Details of your finances
    • The terms of the proposed IVA
    • Reasons why they should agree to your IVA

    Your proposal will then go through the following process:

    • Your lenders will vote on whether to accept the proposal (in most cases they will)
    • Once accepted, the IVA will be legally binding for you and your creditors
    • You’ll start making your monthly payments for the agreed term (usually 5 years)
    • After your last payment, any outstanding debt included in the IVA (including interest and charges), will be written off.
  • Advantages

    • Make one affordable monthly payment, based on your circumstances
    • Protect your home and assets
    • Upon completion all debts included in the IVA are written off
    • Freeze interest and charges
    • Your lenders cannot chase you for payment or take legal action
  • Important Considerations

    • Your lenders are not obliged to accept the IVA
    • Your credit rating may be affected for up to 6 years
    • If the IVA fails it could lead to bankruptcy
    • You will be placed on the public insolvency register
  • Criteria

    Your lenders will have to stop contacting you and chasing you for payments if your IVA is accepted.

    Your lenders won't be able to take any further legal action against you.

Advice you can trust

As part of our free service, we will take a look at your financial situation and assess your suitability to apply for an IVA. If you decide you want to proceed with an IVA, we will assist you in the preparation of your IVA proposal. Fees are payable in an IVA. For more information click here (LINK TO FEES: Should an IVA not be a suitable solution we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partners. If you choose to use their services, fees are payable for ongoing services provided.

order antabuse online canada

Advice you can trust

Call back request

Or call us on 01204 800 444

For more information on how we will use your personal information you can read our privacy policy can i order antabuse online.